The Wedding Planning Checklist

The Wedding Planning Checklist

How can you get organised when there is so much to think about? A spectacular wedding that blends old traditions with modern entertainment and making all the guests enjoy the day (almost as much as the couple themselves!) can be hard to pull off. You’ll need to be highly organised from the beginning, so think about the following stages…

A year in advance

  • Select a suitable date that your closest family and friends will be happy with
  • Try to sketch out your budget and work out how much to spend on each element
  • Decide on a total number of guests, so you can calculate the rest
  • Consider venues and try to book as soon as you can for popular choices
  • Think about the overall theme and start co-ordinating to match
  • Start thinking about outfits, especially the bride’s
  • Book whoever you need to oversee the wedding ceremony itself
  • Send some “save the date” cards in advance of final invitations

A few months in advance

  • Book transport between home and venues for the bride, groom and closest guests
  • Book any hotels needed for people visiting from further away
  • Book any entertainment you have planned for the reception
  • Book your official wedding photographer and meet with them to make a plan
  • Schedule fittings for outfits and plan out accessories to match
  • Select your wedding rings together
  • Look at specialist wedding insurance packages in case of a problem
  • Send out formal invitations and keep a list of RSVPs
  • Complete a list of gift ideas and allow people to make a note of what they choose to get you
  • Organise the decoration of your venue including flowers
  • Select your caterer and come up with a menu with them
  • Get your marriage licence and any legal affairs in order
  • Book hair and makeup appointments
  • Choose a wedding cake and arrange delivery

In the run up to the wedding day

  • Finalise the running order for your wedding with detailed timings
  • Plan any last minute appointments for hair, makeup and fittings
  • Confirm details with every outside company you’re dealing with
  • Prepare vows and speeches for the wedding and reception
  • Have a full rehearsal if necessary
  • Plan any pre-wedding activities in detail
  • Remember to enjoy your special day!

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