Top Tips For Destination Weddings In Hot Countries

Top Tips For Destination Weddings In Hot Countries

If you’ve decided to host your wedding abroad, there are many exciting benefits you’ll get to enjoy. This is an ideal solution for almost any type of wedding ceremony, whether it’s a traditional or modern one from any kind of religious background.

Most people do choose to travel to a hot country for their destination wedding, as it make the whole celebration into a more of a holiday with friends and family. Especially for people living in the UK, the hot weather is an enjoyable novelty and something that adds a special extra reason to remember the wedding.

However, you will want to bear in mind some specific advice for weddings in hotter climates than you’re used to. Here are some of our most relevant tips.

Have plenty of refreshments

Everyone needs to stay hydrated throughout the proceedings! When you’re celebrating, it’s great to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks, and the wedding guests will certainly appreciate ice-cold cocktails being served at every opportunity. However, water is always important too and you might not realise at first how much more you need than usual in a hot climate.

Remember your sun cream

The last thing you need is to get sunburnt right before your big day, or on the day itself, and the same really goes for all of your guests too. Many people may be vulnerable to strong sun if their skin isn’t used to it, so always be safe.

Incorporate some culture

Make sure you remember to include any fun cultural traditions in your wedding plans, whether these are from your own family, your religious background or the local culture in your destination country. Some countries are particularly popular for wedding tourism because they’re very welcoming and have lots of great traditions to celebrate marriages.

Consider the seasons

If you’re travelling to a different region of the world, remember that the seasons may occur at completely different times compared to those in the UK. Some countries are known for their hot weather, but have rainy seasons in the middle of summer. You might not want to have your wedding during this time (or perhaps you’d like to!). Summer in a hot place can actually be unbearable for many Brits, especially those in dark suits, so consider this too.

Hire a local planner

One of the best things you can do to get the most out of your wedding day is to hire the services of someone who lives in the country you’re going to. They will have the most experience of what it’s like to arrange things there and they’ll provide you with the most valuable tips. Their services will often be cheaper than those in the UK, too.

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