Top Asian Wedding Must Haves

Top Asian Wedding Must Haves

Planning an Asian wedding is not as easy as you might think because it requires a lot of time and skills in order to have a successful wedding. This is why it is important to start planning for the wedding many months before the specific date set for the wedding. In order for a wedding to be a success, there are some things that must be there. This article provides you with some of the Asian wedding must haves.

Wedding planner

Asian wedding planners

Just as mentioned above planning a wedding is a process that requires skills and time for it to be a success. Due to the many things involved in a wedding, you need to have a planner who works as full time helping clients plan their wedding. With an Asian wedding planner you can be assured that everything will be catered on well. This will go a long way in helping you reduce a lot of stress because you will know that everything is under control and management of a professional.

Bride or Maid of Honour Emergency Kit

It is good to have an emergency kit because accidents or minor health problems might happen during the wedding, meaning that instant medical attention will be required. Some of the things that are required include painkillers, small and big safety pins, and others that can assist in case of an emergency. In addition, make sure that there is someone who can offer first aid in case of such emergencies.

A list of your guest and family members

Indian wedding guests

Your guests and family members are very important in any wedding. It is a must that you have a list of all the guests you have invited so that they can be given the special attention that they deserve during the wedding. This is the same case with all your close family members. By having a list of all of them, it will be easier even to organize for photography sessions without wasting a lot of time. It is also important that you have a list of significant others too, so that they do not feel they are left out.


In addition to having money that you have budgeted for your budget, it is always important that you have cash money with you during the wedding. This is necessary because there are some issues that require money that might arise in the process. In addition, the cash you have can help in tipping your hair dressers, makeup artists and others for their good work.

Enough vehicles

As you plan your wedding you must ensure that you have the right number of cars to transport your maids, guests, family members and other people to specific spots where you would like them to go during your wedding. This is necessary during photography sessions because you might have different locations that are far apart that you want the photos to be taken.

Asian wedding photographers

Highly qualified Photographers

It is very crucial that you have highly qualified Asian wedding photographers who will take shots that will remind you of this big day. Make sure that they have the ability to take photos of some of the crucial episodes during the wedding in order to make the wedding a memorable one in the rest of your life.

The Wedding Planner

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