How to Plan a Summer Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan a Summer Wedding on a Budget

Summer weddings are popular amongst couples who wish to get married. However, planning a wedding during this time of the year could also be expensive. Luckily there are different ways you can save up when planning your summer wedding. Follow our tips below to ensure you save money when planning your wedding.

Explore other space

Venues are probably one of the most expensive expenses on your wedding list. Instead of browsing for costly venues why not try something completely different? For instance, you may want to consider public spaces as they are often cheaper than hiring private areas. There are plenty of public spaces including a park, gardens or even museums. Although public spaces will still charge a fee, it won’t be as high compared to private spaces.

What’s most important

Ask yourself and your partner about which part of the wedding is the most important? For instance, this could be the food or the DJ. You may want to prioritise food and hire the best catering company. By doing this, you know exactly which part of the wedding you want to spend the most money on. If the DJ isn’t as important, you can sacrifice this by hiring an affordable DJ. This way you can save money on this part.


DIY is the best way to save money for your wedding. For example, instead of buying an expensive ready-made bouquet, you can easily save some cash by buying your own and putting all flowers together to create your very own bouquet. You can even create your wedding invitations by purchasing your crafts. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy making your wedding cards, you can look for affordable wedding invitation packages.


Booking a professional photographer can be expensive. However, there are of course a cheaper option including hiring a student photographer. Most student photographers are looking for work to add to their portfolio, and some may even do the photography for free.

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