Factors to consider when planning an outdoor wedding

Factors to consider when planning an outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding is popular amongst newlyweds. Some of the perks of having your wedding outdoor include fresh air, lovely sceneries and a massive open space for guests.  If you’re thinking of getting married outdoors in a beach, a park or in any outdoor setting, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Portable toilets

One of the basics you’ll need for an outdoor wedding is portable toilets. Depending on the number of guests, you may want to hire out a few of these, especially if you have quite a large group of visitors. Don’t forget to hire out accessible toilets too!

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Indoor space

The weather can change anytime. It could start raining, or they may be strong winds during the day. In case of any changes in the weather, you’ll need to consider having an indoor space nearby for shelter. Indoor space may also be necessary for guests with special requirements.


Some outdoor space, especially public ones, may require a permit. Before booking your venue, make sure you have a permit for space. You will also need to be clear with how you will be using the space and what sort of activities or events will occur during your rental period.

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When decorating your outdoor space, you’ll need rent or purchase decorations that are quite heavyweight or windproof in case the wind gets too strong throughout the day. You may want to avoid buying decorations that are lightweight or made of papers as they are likely to get destroyed or blown away.

Walking path

Consider building a walking path from your outdoor space to the main entrance or by the parking space where guest can easily access the venue. Some outdoor space may not have a walking path available in which case you may need to set one up.

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