Decoration Ideas for Asian Weddings

Decoration Ideas for Asian Weddings

Asian weddings can differ in different ways especially when choosing your themes or picking out what decorations you want to use for the event. A lot of Asian themes would most likely have some traditional style on their decoration. You can incorporate the following decoration ideas that can maintain the traditional atmosphere for your wedding.


In most Asian countries, lights and lanterns are the most used source of lighting, so adding the lights as a decoration can instantly give you an ethical or tropical mood.


Asian Weddings normally has a vibrant feel, so it’s important to use some bright colours like red, yellow, gold, green and blue. You can also mix some bright colours with warm colours to balance the colour theme. Depending on the tradition, some cultures are required to wear certain colours in the event.

Table Décor

Table decor

You can decorate the meal table with items like flower vases or candle holders to match the grand event. It’s ideal to pick a flower that represents the event, so in this case, you can use roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, sweet peas and many others. Normally each Asian culture has their flowers that they tend to use for the event. For instance, the Chinese cultures often use lotus flowers or lilies while Indian weddings tend to use the chrysanthemums.

Traditional Items

Each tradition can use their items or furniture that represents their culture. For example, a Chinese wedding would use an object like a vase that’s designed with Chinese art. They would also use some props like an umbrella lantern or firecrackers.


Mandap is required for Hinduism or Islamic weddings. The mandap is beautifully decorated before the ceremony where the bride and groom would be seated. Mandap is normally designed with lots of bright colours, traditional furniture, silk and plenty of flowers all around.

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