COVID Rules for Weddings in the UK

The previous national lockdowns and the effects of the pandemic have taken a toll on wedding events in the UK. With constant changes to rules and restrictions, many wedding days were disrupted or delayed for the past few months to avoid the spread of COVID amongst large group gatherings.

With the removal of most lockdown restrictions from July 19 onwards, many couples and wedding planners are delighted with the removal of the attendee limitations. However, many social distancing rules remain as we take a closer step towards the new norm.

Additionally, there are a few differences in rules and regulations between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Here’s everything that you need to know about the current covid rules for weddings in the UK.


In England, couples planning their weddings will be happy to hear that there are no caps or limits on the number of people invited to attend any wedding events, receptions, or celebrations. This means that table service rules are lifted, and all guests are allowed to dance, sing and mingle without wearing a face mask. However, the government highly recommends that people wear their face masks in crowded settings.

  • Guest instructed by NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate can’t attend the wedding and must self isolate
  • Indoor venues are encouraged to let as much fresh air in to keep enclosed spaces well ventilated.
  • Face masks are not required, but attendees should wear them if they’re commuting to the venue using public transportation.


Scotland has further eased their wedding restriction, but not to the same extent as England’s lockdown. The guest limit has increased to 200 people, but wearing a mask is still mandatory for all guests. Further lifting from the Scottish government is confirmed to take place on August 9.

  • Social distancing measure is required at one metre apart inside wedding venues.
  • In outdoor areas, large groups of up to 15 people do not need to physically distance, but large groups will need to be one metre apart from other groups.
  • A group of 15 people max can sing and dance together.

Northern Ireland and Wales

Northern Ireland and Wales did not make any rule changes on July 19, but wedding events and receptions are given the green light as long as the guests practice social distancing measures within the venue.

Northern Ireland

  • Live music and DJ are allowed as long as the noise levels remain at an ambient level.
  • Face masks are mandatory when leaving the table or when using toilet facilities.
  • Dancing is not permitted, except for the couple’s first dance.
  • Wedding events can occur in any approved venue on a risk-assessed basis, and the venue capacity determines the guest limit.


  • Wales No dancing or singing is permitted except for the couple’s first dance.
  • Wedding speeches are allowed, but sharing and passing microphones should be avoided.
  • Wedding photos can be taken outdoors, and group shots are only permitted when taken with their extended household bubbles.
  • Wedding events can take place in any approved venue, and the venue capacity determines the guest limit.

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