Choosing the Right Wedding Cakes

Choosing the Right Wedding Cakes

When you think of a wedding, you might think of the traditional method of having one large cake with multiple layers, each smaller than the last. While the different layers can be different flavours, there’s still not a lot of choice available when it comes to traditional wedding cakes. Another approach is to have a lot of smaller wedding cakes instead of one large, grandiose affair.

Multiple wedding cakes

You may have to purchase more wedding cake stands and wedding cake toppers if you have a lot of separate cakes, but if you think about it, this isn’t a lot of extra cost for the ability to be able to have a wide variety of cakes at the wedding. Sure, a wedding is all about the bride and groom, but sometimes it’s good for them to ‘give back’ to the wedding party.

Of course, using multiple cakes for a wedding instead of one large fancy one does add a lot of small decisions to what might already be a hectic planning process. Amongst other things, you’ve got to ensure you book the best professional wedding photographer. However this is still a small price to pay to have a wedding that is a little different, a little 21st century if you will. There are a few things you should take into consideration when trying to choose the right wedding cakes for multiple guests.

Naked wedding cake

One of the best ways to ensure that all your guests are happy is to ask them to choose their favourite cake when they RSVP. Sure, this is a little non-traditional perhaps, but it’s practical and benefits everyone. Asking guests to give you their favourite cake is a good way to know what types and how many cakes you’re going to have to purchase.

Beyond that, sticking to the cake basics with maybe a few exotic cakes is a good choice. Certainly Indian and Asian wedding catering firms are likely to serve food that is culturally different from a traditional Christian Wedding. If your wedding is themed, choosing the types of cakes to have won’t be that difficult. Vintage style cake stands also bring that extra special touch to your reception. They are perfect for classic, Victorian style themed weddings and events. You can purchase these from speciality stores at a bargain price.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things to take into consideration when choosing the right wedding cake. It might not be as important as the wedding photographer, the church, the wedding rings, the clothes, the procession or, for some weddings, even the bouncy castle hire, but it’s still a part of the whole wedding process and will have an impact on the special day.

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