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    Best Destinations for Indian Weddings

    Indian wedding is an important event in Indian culture. It’s a massive celebration that’s fun, vibrant and colourful. This is why many couples will go all out for their wedding day, even if it means having their wedding overseas. We’ve listed some of our favourite wedding destinations perfect for Indian weddings.

    sintra portugal


    Portugal is home to some of the most glamorous venues in the world. One of the best locations for a wedding is located in the royal city of Sintra. The name says it all. You’ll get to experience the most luxurious places in Portugal. For a less glamorous style, you can opt in for a more exotic vibe by having your ceremony in the seaside.


    If you’re looking to get married in one of the most romantic cities in the world, choose Paris. The country is filled with high-end venues and beautiful surroundings. Many couples who are looking to get married in Paris are most likely looking at having their wedding near the famous landmark by the Eiffel tower. Paris has plenty to offer in terms of venues. For example, they have plenty of luxurious hotels, and it’s home to many charming mansion hotels. If you feel like getting married by the sea, you can get married in a luxurious boat next to the Eiffel tower.

    amalfi coast


    Italy is known for their historical architectures. The European history of renaissance inspires many of their architectures. As we all know, the renaissance is all about the gold and arts. Indian weddings are also known for having a golden theme throughout their marriage. Which is why Italy is a perfect match for a luxurious Indian wedding theme.

    If you’re looking for a more fairytale kind of wedding, we recommend looking at one of their most visited destination which is known as the Amalfi Coast. The location is truly magnificent as you’re surrounded by colourful villages and breathtaking views.

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    Romantic Places To Get Married Abroad

    tropical wedding

    Having a marriage in a romantic and unforgettable place is a dream for many. Imagine a union in a beautiful and tropical setting. The beaches are a white powder, and the waters are of the palest blue. After a ceremony that is a part of the lives of the bride and groom for eternity, the couple retires to an island suite that is private and exclusive.

    The tropical Caribbean caters to providing this kind of beauty and exclusivity for the newlyweds and those renewing their vows. Arriving at such a place that many would describe as paradise is an event in itself. Finding the right destination may be important since these memories will last throughout the married lives of the visitors.

    If you would rather spend less money on flights and get married closer to home but would adore a similar type of beach paradise, then weddings abroad in Cyprus may be ideal.

    Romantic may mean beautiful weather and more of an angelic existence to some. The tropical destinations for a romantic union seem to be most popular. Privacy is important, and an island is certainly a place that can deliver this kind of request.

    Mountain resorts, however, may be more of the style for a wedding planner. If warm weather is not something that the marriage party is interested in, then going to a place that is less tropical may be in order. Romance can be found within the villages that are spotted along these mountain areas. One such place can be found in Zurich, Switzerland. This area has it all. Fine dining within the town and a wonderful rail system that makes transportation easy. Shopping in Zurich may be more of the style of the marriage party. Getting married amidst the grandeur of the Alps or even the Matterhorn may be a destination to choose.

    One of the most romantic countries people find to get married in is Italy. Magnificent history, architecture, cities and countryside to discover. Many couples recommend hosting a ceremony in Tuscany or by the Italian Lakes for breathtaking surroundings.

    Getting married abroad has its details, also. First and foremost is the issue of having a legal marriage. Having beauty and wonder without the finality of a legal union is something to avoid. Most legal marriages outside of the party’s own country need to be done within a place in the city hall. Having a romantic ceremony or even the reception on a beach or mountain is adequate. Making sure the union is legal needs to include an additional step. Legal documents must be filed in order for the marriage to be recorded. There are certain documents that must be included within a legal wedding outside of the party’s country. For example, the parties must be of a certain age, and there must be witnesses accompanying the couple. There are other requirements that must be addressed, also.

    Getting married abroad also provides the opportunity to plan stag and hen parties. Why not celebrate the night out dressed up in the traditional wedding accessories. The ladies can wear L-plates, tutus and feather boas and the men in stag night t-shirts and wigs. This is the perfect time to relax and have fun before your romantic wedding ceremony.

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    Top Tips For Destination Weddings In Hot Countries

    beach wedding
    If you’ve decided to host your wedding abroad, there are many exciting benefits you’ll get to enjoy. This is an ideal solution for almost any type of wedding ceremony, whether it’s a traditional or modern one from any kind of religious background.

    Most people do choose to travel to a hot country for their destination wedding, as it make the whole celebration into a more of a holiday with friends and family. Especially for people living in the UK, the hot weather is an enjoyable novelty and something that adds a special extra reason to remember the wedding.

    However, you will want to bear in mind some specific advice for weddings in hotter climates than you’re used to. Here are some of our most relevant tips.

    Have plenty of refreshments

    Everyone needs to stay hydrated throughout the proceedings! When you’re celebrating, it’s great to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks, and the wedding guests will certainly appreciate ice-cold cocktails being served at every opportunity. However, water is always important too and you might not realise at first how much more you need than usual in a hot climate.

    Remember your sun cream

    The last thing you need is to get sunburnt right before your big day, or on the day itself, and the same really goes for all of your guests too. Many people may be vulnerable to strong sun if their skin isn’t used to it, so always be safe.

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    Perfect Destination Wedding Ideas


    The overall concept of a traditional wedding may appeal to you, since personalising every celebration for the bride and groom is a major part of what makes for a classic ceremony. However, you may be looking for a particularly special way to make your wedding completely unique, and in that case you may want to consider a destination wedding. For inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest destinations you can choose for your wedding abroad.


    One of the most popular choices right now is getting married in Cyprus.  Known as the Island of Love, the year-round sunshine, cheap prices and wide variety of wedding packages in Cyprus make it an ideal choice for both beach weddings and events held in grand hotels or other venues.