Wedding Customs

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    Wedding Customs

    Indian Wedding Rituals

    Indian weddings tend to be more traditional compared to a regular wedding ceremony. Based on their tradition, their weddings normally consist of performing a number of rituals right from the beginning till the end. We’ve listed some of the most well-known rituals that you may see at an Indian wedding. Some rituals are performed depending on their religion.

    Kanyaa Daan

    The Kanyaa Daan is a ritual that involves the father of the bride handing his daughter to the groom. The meaning behind the ritual is to show the father handing all his duties to the groom. This ritual may sound familiar in a regular wedding ceremony. However, at an Indian wedding, it’s performed differently where the daughter sits on her father’s lap, and a few words are recited at the same time.


    Indian weddings are filled with other fun rituals including playing games after the ceremony. Once the ceremony is over, the couple will head back to the groom’s place. The couple is then given a knotted long string in which they need to untie the knots as fast as they can. The meaning behind the game is that both couples will need to work together in any obstacles that may come their way.