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    The best venues for wedding photography in Birmingham

    When you are planning your dream wedding day, your mind can wander through various aspects. The best dress, the guest list, the flowers and so on.

    But, one extremely important aspect that you may not have thought about is your wedding photography and videography.

    It is so important to make sure that you have hired a highly trained and experienced photographer, who can capture the beautiful moments of your wedding – most importantly when you look back on your special day, you will be able to enjoy the experience all over again with high-quality imagery.

    Wedding photography is renowned for being visually stunning, and by choosing the right venue, your photographer can stage beautiful images with a truly artistic aesthetic.

    Some of our favourite venues for weddings are located in and around Birmingham, so we decided to compile this list to inspire you on your big day.

    The Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

    Birmingham Botanical Gardens

    Offering their “Love Birds” wedding packages, the Botanical Gardens is the place to get married and express everlasting love. With a charming veranda and conservatory, situated with tranquil surroundings such as their charismatic aviary, beautiful garden features and unique garden suite – your photographer will have the opportunity to create a magical and timeless portfolio of imagery for you to enjoy forever.

    Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 3TR.

    Aston Hall 

    Aston Hall

    Close to the Birmingham city centre, you will find a hidden gem called Aston Hall. This historic and iconic building will provide your wedding with overwhelming charm and sophistication. With access to the breath-taking lady Holte’s garden and north courtyard – Aston Hall will provide your wedding with a grand overture of elegance and unforgettable experience.

    Your professional photographer will be able to utilise special features such as the historic and luxurious oak panelling, handsome fireplaces and exquisite artwork along the great hall to truly bring charismatic charm and alluring sophistication to your day.

    Location: Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6JD

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    What Makes Asian Wedding Photography Special

    For any bride and groom, wedding photography tends to be high on the list of priorities when it comes to arrangements for the big day. This is especially true for several types of traditional Asian wedding ceremonies, which are known for being vibrant, exciting and spectacular shows that everyone will want to remember clearly for years to come. That’s partly why professional Asian wedding photography is so popular in the UK, and only the best will do for capturing those perfect moments on film.

    All weddings can be wonderful occasions with impressive spectacles to admire when it comes to the outfits, the decorations, the choice of venue and more. However, Asian marriage ceremonies do have a reputation for being among the grandest and most colourful affairs, which lends itself perfectly to great photography to document the occasion.

    Indian weddings in particular tend to revolve around festivities and celebration, with plenty of dancing and entertainment as well as elaborate outfits. They also tend to have large numbers of guests, so there is always plenty of action going on and the happy couple are likely to miss some of the details. That’s what makes their photos so special later, providing an immersive way to relive that beautiful day and avoid missing any of the most special moments with their family and friends.

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    Successful Hindu Wedding Photography Advice


    Indian weddings are notoriously some of the most difficult events to photograph successfully, although they are among the most rewarding too. When done right, the results can be spectacular. Capturing the intricacies of a Hindu marriage ceremony is a particularly difficult task, and a great outcome for the couple looking to document their memories relies on the knowledge and experience level of the photographer in large part. Fortunately there are a few main steps a prospective wedding photographer can take in order to maximise their chances of success.

    1) Start with a consultation – Meeting the bride and groom in person shouldn’t be left until the last minute, but you might be surprised how often this happens. A face-to-face meeting well in advance, however, is certainly the best way of ensuring you’re all in agreement about how the photography should be approached based on the order of the day, especially with a complex traditional ceremony. Building a good relationship and letting the couple get comfortable with their photographer is essential for the best results.

    2) Vary your shots – It’s important to factor in some time to take what you might consider the most important pictures on the day, namely those featuring the happy couple and their close family both during and after the marriage ceremony. However, aside from this time (which will likely be under half an hour at most) you will be spending your time capturing moments on camera without much planning or staging. It’s important to get plenty of candid shots throughout the day and try not to miss any special moments. The bride and groom might miss some of them, but thanks to you they will be able to relive them later through the pictures!

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    Major Asian Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

    During your wedding, you need to ensure that photos are taken well. Photographs are very important in any wedding because they help remind you about your big day in the future. So it is crucial to ensure that you get high quality wedding photographs that will act as a memory of your wedding. To ensure that you have a highly successful wedding photography there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid during the process. This article offers you some of the Asian wedding photography mistakes you need to avoid in order to make your wedding a memorable one.

    Hiring inexperienced photographers

    One of the greatest mistakes that you can make is to work with inexperienced photographers. With inexperienced wedding photographers it means that you will get low quality photographs that will not capture some of the most important episodes in your wedding. In addition, it also means that they might not be able to use some of the most current and advanced photography equipment. Therefore, you end up getting disappointed at the end of your wedding. To avoid this mistake it is good that you ensure that you check the qualifications and experience the different photographers have before you can enter into any agreement with them. In addition, you must check the wedding photographs they have taken before to ensure that they meet your required standards. From experience, we highly recommend the services of one of the most renowned Asian wedding photographers in London. They also provide Indian, Hindu, and Sikh wedding cinematography, pre wedding shoots, portrait photography, and a host of other services. You can visit their website for more details.

    Lack of good exposure

    One of the most important aspects in any wedding is the white dress of the bride. A good photographer should be able to expose the bride’s dress in the most effective way so that it appears real. It is a great mistake to underexpose the dress because it makes it look grey and grubby. This will make your wedding photos look dull and unattractive. Good wedding photography should make use of exposure that produces images that are detailed throughout the tonal range. This is why you need photographers with digital cameras because it is possible to check the exposure immediately after a shot has been taken and make the right adjustment.