How To Accessorise For An Indian Wedding

How To Accessorise For An Indian Wedding

A traditional Indian wedding is naturally likely to be a spectacular affair, and one that all the guests and family of the happy couple will remember. A classic staple of this whole show is the outfits worn by all attendees, especially the bride, of course. But no wedding ensemble could possibly be complete without accessories! Whether you choose to order your Indian jewellery online, wear traditional pieces passed down through the family or go for a combination of new and old, this aspect can be very important.

There are simply so many choices that many wedding guests find this prospect quite daunting, let alone the bride herself. These are the kind of details that must be absolutely perfect if you’re keen to capture exactly what you imagined for your big day – or at least that’s what you’ll feel like in the build up to the event.

The Indian jewellery you choose may be affected by your choice of outfit. For a bride wearing a traditional lehenga, dramatic gold jewellery tends to be the most suitable. You can have a lot of fun selecting your favourite pieces from your own family collection, or searching for new pieces. Either way, this is the time to find something spectacular that holds a special sentimental value for you, or will be part of your future wedding memories.

Starting with neck pieces, you will find that most Indian wedding ensembles for the bride will include a fairly low neckline which is primarily to make way for a fabulous and eye-catching necklace. A large and elaborate piece may be best to pair with a simpler outfit, while a smaller neckpiece or choker could be a better choice if your dress includes a lot of embellishment already or a higher neckline.

When it comes to earrings, you will need to be careful that they are not too extravagant if your necklace is already quite striking, as your face may be lost somewhere in between! Many brides choose small but decorative earrings that won’t become uncomfortable after a long day of ceremonies and celebration. However, if you particularly want to wear longer and more impressive earrings, the choice is yours.

For Indian weddings, it’s customary for the bride to wear a large selection of different bangles, which may include some of particular religious significance. A simpler, modern alternative is to replace the bangles with smaller bracelets or cuffs, which may be better suited to certain outfits. Once you’ve selected these, your main accessories are complete, and you can move onto the rest! Headpieces, ankle bracelets, rings, belts and many more elements could make be combined to complete your bridal look. The important thing is that everything you choose is representative of you on your special day.

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