5 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

5 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

For any wedding to be a truly spectacular success, you need to invite plenty of suitable guests to enjoy themselves and share in your celebrations! The invitations themselves hopefully won’t determine whether your guests respond, but they do give people the first taste of what to expect at your ceremony and/or reception. That’s why we love to see them as an opportunity to have fun. From our own experience plus some unique wedding invitations we’ve seen online, here are our top 5 ideas right now.

Pop-up Invitations

How can you make a traditional invitation card stand out? Take the idea quite literally, and have pop-up details to surprise your guests! Well-crafted invitations will set the tone from the beginning, and we find a simple pop-up design can be super effective.

Online Timeline

Want to show off your creative skills with some unique digital content? If you’re feeling up to the challenge, we’ve seen some incredible examples of couples making their own interactive relationship timelines to announce their engagement or wedding. Include photos and videos of important moments in your lives together (including some of your most valued guests!) and string it all together in a fun way for something very unique.

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Vintage Postcards

These work great either as simple “save the date” cards or full-on wedding invitations. You can take design inspiration from classic holiday postcards (especially if there’s a link to your local area) and customise them with your own names, wedding information and even pictures. With professional assistance you may be able to insert yourselves into a classic postcard image.

Custom Illustrations

Like with the postcard idea, you might want to make it clear that it’s you and your fiancée in the design on your wedding invitations. The best way to achieve this may be to hire a professional artist who can design the entire card for you, including some personal illustrations of the happy couple! Nothing looks more personal than a cute and charming hand-drawn invitation.

Puzzle Games

If you want to think a little further outside the box, we would highly recommend creating a fun puzzle game to entertain your guests as well as inform them of some exclusive wedding details. Hide details like what’s on the menu at the reception and what entertainment you’ll be hiring inside something fun like a crossword puzzle.

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