5 Summer Wedding Trends for 2023

5 Summer Wedding Trends for 2023

Summer is the season of love and weddings. As we head into June, now is the time to make the final touches to your big day. All the months of planning are finally paying off and you’ve likely already chosen a venue, selected a caterer, and decided on décor. Now it’s time to add your personality and make the day truly memorable for your guests.

Here are 5 trends for Summer 2023 that you might want to consider when finalising your plans.

Bold and bright colour schemes

Bold colour schemes

Wedding trends are constantly evolving, and the latest craze is bold and bright colour schemes. Traditional pastels and muted tones have taken a back seat as couples opt for vibrant colours that pop against neutral backdrops. If you’re looking to inject some personality into your big day, this trend is perfect for you.

Bold hues like fuchsia, emerald green, royal blue, and rich purples are incredibly popular choices for bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, table settings, and even wedding cakes. Couples can also incorporate these striking shades through lighting effects or by adding colourful accents to their wedding attire. Bold colour combinations such as navy blue with coral or hot pink with black create an unforgettable look that will leave guests talking about your wedding long after the last dance.

The key to pulling off this trend is balance.

Eco-friendly and sustainable weddings

Natural confetti

Eco-friendly and sustainable weddings are becoming more popular as couples prioritise ethical and environmentally conscious choices. From the wedding venue to the invitations, every aspect of the event can be planned with sustainability in mind.

One way to make a wedding eco-friendly is to choose a venue that supports green initiatives. Many venues offer options such as locally sourced catering, composting and recycling programs, and renewable energy sources. Couples can also opt for outdoor venues that minimize their carbon footprint by reducing the need for electricity or heating.

Another way to have an eco-friendly wedding is by choosing sustainable decorations and favours. Instead of traditional floral arrangements, couples can use potted plants or natural materials like reclaimed wood for centrepieces. Favours can be thoughtful items like reusable water bottles or personalized seed packets that encourage guests to continue the sustainability mindset after the event ends.

Non-traditional wedding venues

The traditional church wedding may be a classic, but many modern couples are opting for non-traditional venues that reflect their personalities and interests. From industrial warehouses to art galleries, the possibilities for unique wedding locations are endless. Non-traditional wedding venues offer more than just a change of scenery; they can also provide an opportunity to save money on expensive hotel ballrooms or country clubs.

Couples who embrace non-traditional wedding venues often find themselves with more creative freedom when it comes to décor and styling. A blank canvas like an empty warehouse or renovated barn allows couples to create their own vision without being confined by pre-existing décor or restrictions from the venue. With social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, inspiration is only a few clicks away, making it easier than ever for couples to arrange their dream wedding in a non-traditional space.

Personalised wedding favours

Wedding favours

Personalised wedding favours have become a popular trend in the world of weddings. Couples are now opting for personalised gifts that not only reflect their personalities but also show appreciation to their guests. These gifts are a way of saying thank you to those who have made the effort to attend and celebrate with them on their special day.

From personalised keychains, candles, chocolates and even miniature champagne bottles; there is no limit to what couples can choose as their wedding favour. The idea behind these personalised gifts is to create a lasting memory for guests who attended the wedding. Personalisation adds an element of warmth and thoughtfulness that creates a unique experience for each guest.

Another advantage of personalising your wedding favours is it allows couples to incorporate themes into the gift-giving process.

Interactive food and drink stations

Interactive food

In recent years, wedding caterers have seen a shift towards more interactive food and drink stations. Gone are the days of traditional buffets and sit-down dinners; modern couples are opting for creative ways to offer their guests a unique culinary experience. These interactive stations not only provide entertainment but also allow guests to customise their own plates according to their taste preferences.

One popular trend is the build-your-own cocktail bar, where guests can choose from an array of mixers, garnishes, and spirits to create their perfect drink. Another popular option is the grazing table, which features an assortment of appetizers and finger foods arranged artfully on a long table for guests to graze upon throughout the evening. Other options include DIY dessert or ice cream bars, make-your-own taco stations or even sushi bars.

Embrace these trends for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience

In conclusion, incorporating this summer’s trends into your wedding will not only make it unique and memorable, but also timeless. The use of bold colours, natural elements, and playful details can add a touch of personality to your special day. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match different styles- after all, weddings are all about celebrating love and individuality. Embracing this summer’s trends is a great way to put your own stamp on your wedding while still keeping it classy and elegant. So go ahead, have fun with it, and create a one-of-a-kind wedding experience that you’ll cherish forever!

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