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    10 Latest indian wedding dress trends for 2018

    The Indian culture is arguably the keenest on fashion and dressing for the occasion, more so, when it comes to binding a groom to their spouse. Indian weddings are coveted all over the globe because of their numerous decorations. Their weddings are beautiful because of their numerous colors, pretty designs and the ability of the organizers to focus on the simplest of details when it comes to decorations. There are a variety of Indian wedding dresses in the UK that one can choose from.

    The new generation wedding dresses come as a fusion of the Indian culture and modern trends making them unique in all aspects. The wedding dress should stand out as all eyes of the invited guests and friends of the two will be on her.

    Importance of the wedding dress

    Asian bride

    The wedding dress is a gem to the whole society if not the wedding spouse alone. It shows just how much the two who are to be enjoined treasure their love and thus has to be given much attention during the big day. The congregation in attendance will want to analyze just how pretty and original the bridal dress is.

    Moreover, it is a compliment for the beauty of the bride of the day. Some of the trendiest and latest bridal dresses that an Indian bride can choose from the following is a list of bridal dresses that will surely make the bride stand out on their wedding day. The dresses come in unique designs for a bride to choose from whichever that best complements her character and beauty. The bride has to be attentive on how to dress for an Indian wedding.

    1. Pastels

    The modern Indian bride will prefer the trendiest gown that they can find in either boutique, fashion shops or wedding sales. These come as a lighter option in shades of either lavender, beige, mint green, peach, and turquoise. The pastels are great as they offer an alternative to common dresses that come in rather boring colors of red, pink or maroon.

    2. Statement hues

    Statement hues offer a variety of pretty colors that will make the day one to remember in terms of how successful it will be. These are for brides who are ambitious in their choice of dresses;  electric blue or bright yellow dresses that they can choose from.

    The combination of colors will catch the eye of many in the congregation that will be present for the wedding. Such a dress will make them want to copy the idea for their own weddings and make the bride the talk of the town on just how pretty she was on that particular day.