10 Latest indian wedding dress trends for 2018

10 Latest indian wedding dress trends for 2018

The Indian culture is arguably the keenest on fashion and dressing for the occasion, more so, when it comes to binding a groom to their spouse. Indian weddings are coveted all over the globe because of their numerous decorations. Their weddings are beautiful because of their numerous colors, pretty designs and the ability of the organizers to focus on the simplest of details when it comes to decorations. There are a variety of Indian wedding dresses in the UK that one can choose from.

The new generation wedding dresses come as a fusion of the Indian culture and modern trends making them unique in all aspects. The wedding dress should stand out as all eyes of the invited guests and friends of the two will be on her.

Importance of the wedding dress

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The wedding dress is a gem to the whole society if not the wedding spouse alone. It shows just how much the two who are to be enjoined treasure their love and thus has to be given much attention during the big day. The congregation in attendance will want to analyze just how pretty and original the bridal dress is.

Moreover, it is a compliment for the beauty of the bride of the day. Some of the trendiest and latest bridal dresses that an Indian bride can choose from the following is a list of bridal dresses that will surely make the bride stand out on their wedding day. The dresses come in unique designs for a bride to choose from whichever that best complements her character and beauty. The bride has to be attentive on how to dress for an Indian wedding.

1. Pastels

The modern Indian bride will prefer the trendiest gown that they can find in either boutique, fashion shops or wedding sales. These come as a lighter option in shades of either lavender, beige, mint green, peach, and turquoise. The pastels are great as they offer an alternative to common dresses that come in rather boring colors of red, pink or maroon.

2. Statement hues

Statement hues offer a variety of pretty colors that will make the day one to remember in terms of how successful it will be. These are for brides who are ambitious in their choice of dresses;  electric blue or bright yellow dresses that they can choose from.

The combination of colours will catch the eye of many in the congregation that will be present for the wedding. Such a dress will make them want to copy the idea for their own weddings and make the bride the talk of the town on just how pretty she was on that particular day.

3. Gown saree combination

This is an elegant wear that comes out as a convenient and comfortable attire to put on during your wedding day. This is a dress that shows the character of the Indian bride: soft yet strong in emotions. It showcases the all the good things that are desired all over the world if not India alone. It also shows that the bride is pretty as well as bold.

4. Metallic shades

This a dress for the boldest bride to pull off during their wedding. It indeed takes courage to walk down the aisle in one of these. It will surely pull heads in your direction as they will desire to be in one of such dresses. These dresses are original yet eye-catching.

A good idea is to blend metallic shades with a traditional wedding dress, maybe a Lehenga, to suit the latest fashion trends. This will surely make the bride be the best looker of the day.

5. Princess tail

This will surely make a fashion statement on a bride’s big day. The dress is long enough to sweep off the bright staircase and show off just how pretty it is wherever you pass by. A princess tail dress is just worth the expensive price incurred for it and can be supported by well-matched and pretty flower girl to support it wherever the bride goes to. It comes off as a pretty and cute dress when it comes to walking up stairs or down the aisle.

6. Flares

This is just what is needed to enhance the curves of the Indian bride. The dress is ideal for showing off curves and making sure that the bride is the most beautiful person in the room. They come in numerous colors that will appeal to you while at the same time maintain the traditional theme that is the wedding.

7. Layers

These are just the ideal ones to spice up a traditional Lehenga. As a bride, you will be able to flaunt and boast your bridal dress with a well laid out Lehenga. However, keenness is needed to make sure that your frame is well suited with the layers added on.

8. Belts

This is a unique way to match with a bridal Lehenga. All you need is just a matching belt and a bold look so that it can stand out from the crowds at the wedding. A belt can come in customized designs; maybe with jewelry embroidered on it.

9. A twist on traditional dresses

If you have a traditional dress that does not stand out as much as you want it to, do not hesitate to spice things up with a gem here and there. You can customize it or better yet have someone do it for you after you have directed just what you want to be done.

10. Themes

A theme best describes the feeling of the wedding; whether a fairy tale theme or Disneyland theme. All you have to do is specify what the theme is for your designer and they can do all the remaining work. This can be done from the decorations all the way to the cake of the event.

Other wedding decorations

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Apart from the bridal dress, other decoration and details can be worked on to make the day a big success. These include decorations of the wedding buildings and the vehicles. This can be done so that the theme stands out as unique and beautiful rather than copying boring trends that have been in existence from years ago.

The groom too should focus on his wedding attire so that he also stands out for his bride. This can be done through a well-fitting suit that best describes the Indian tradition and is also an image of his character and his personality.

Final thoughts

The bride and the groom dress well for the occasion, however, the groom is the one who stands out during the entire festivity. Her dress should stand out and be complemented by other bodily decorations that indeed show just how much of a jewel she is to her groom. The attendants too don’t disappoint as they prepare and dress well for the big day in the latest fashionable dresses they can find in dress shops all over. Good ideas can be found from Indian Wedding Dress Trends for the Year 2018.

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