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    5 jaw dropping wedding trends to consider in 2018

    It’s wedding season and we have been scouring thousands of great Pinterest ideas to help you wow your wedding guests and make your day super special.

    Are you getting married in 2018? If yes, then this article is for you! We have curated our 5 top wedding trends that will help you make your special day perfect! Be prepared to want to do them all!

    Stretch Tents

    We have all been to a wedding with a big, white marque tent with heavy plastic sides, it is nice but can get super-hot, it is hard to put up, and is not customizable to your wedding colors or feel. Stretch tents are and they can be designed just for you! They are a great way to prep your outdoor wedding for any weather. Since they are designed for you, you could be having an intimate gathering or a wedding as big as the royal wedding and still be able to have a tent the size you need.

    They can be ordered to your specifications, the color options are pretty much unlimited, plus they create such a great silhouette to take pictures against day or night. Inside the LED lighting that comes with the tent will help make sure your pictures turn out bright and crisp, and give guests a magical feel as they dance the night away on the dance floor, which is also included! So, if you are worried about it being super sunny or ridiculously rainy during your outdoor wedding, worry not, because hiring a stretch tent is a jaw dropping way to be prepared for both.

    Subtle Lighting

    While we are talking wedding details we need to cover lighting, as one of the biggest forgotten it often times gets overlooked even though it is the single most important area! It will set the mood, notto mention, make sure you get stunning pictures you can look back on for years to come!

    When researching what kind of lighting you are looking, remember the soft glow of hanging lights or candles will give your wedding and reception a much more fairytale like feel than super bright fluorescent lights. The options are endless and can be customized to fit any style or budget, here are some ideas:

    Fairy lights

    Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    • Hanging Lights from the ceiling. You can customize the light bulbs to the color and wattage you are looking for. These are great for outdoor, because they give off a bit more light for when it gets dark out without losing the fairytale feel.
    • Paper bags with small candles inside. The color of the paper bags iscustomizable, so you keep with your wedding colors and the candles inside can be either flame or battery operated.
    • Trees wrapped in lights. These make great photo backgrounds and really accent the outdoor nature of your wedding, giving off an enchanted forest vibe.

    Indoor Lighting Ideas

    • Floating votive lights. Take any color glass bowl or vase, fill it up halfway with water and then add a slow burning candle to it, it should float and will give off a soft romantic light.
    • Hanging chandeliers. Not all venues havethese but they can be rented and plugged in if you have a high ceiling in your venue.
    • Windows with Hanging Lights. For venues with windows they create great natural light, which we all know, but keep utilizing them even after it gets dark with hanging lights, that only turn on only after it gets dark.
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    Wedding Attire

    10 Latest indian wedding dress trends for 2018

    The Indian culture is arguably the keenest on fashion and dressing for the occasion, more so, when it comes to binding a groom to their spouse. Indian weddings are coveted all over the globe because of their numerous decorations. Their weddings are beautiful because of their numerous colors, pretty designs and the ability of the organizers to focus on the simplest of details when it comes to decorations. There are a variety of Indian wedding dresses in the UK that one can choose from.

    The new generation wedding dresses come as a fusion of the Indian culture and modern trends making them unique in all aspects. The wedding dress should stand out as all eyes of the invited guests and friends of the two will be on her.

    Importance of the wedding dress

    Asian bride

    The wedding dress is a gem to the whole society if not the wedding spouse alone. It shows just how much the two who are to be enjoined treasure their love and thus has to be given much attention during the big day. The congregation in attendance will want to analyze just how pretty and original the bridal dress is.

    Moreover, it is a compliment for the beauty of the bride of the day. Some of the trendiest and latest bridal dresses that an Indian bride can choose from the following is a list of bridal dresses that will surely make the bride stand out on their wedding day. The dresses come in unique designs for a bride to choose from whichever that best complements her character and beauty. The bride has to be attentive on how to dress for an Indian wedding.

    1. Pastels

    The modern Indian bride will prefer the trendiest gown that they can find in either boutique, fashion shops or wedding sales. These come as a lighter option in shades of either lavender, beige, mint green, peach, and turquoise. The pastels are great as they offer an alternative to common dresses that come in rather boring colors of red, pink or maroon.

    2. Statement hues

    Statement hues offer a variety of pretty colors that will make the day one to remember in terms of how successful it will be. These are for brides who are ambitious in their choice of dresses;  electric blue or bright yellow dresses that they can choose from.

    The combination of colors will catch the eye of many in the congregation that will be present for the wedding. Such a dress will make them want to copy the idea for their own weddings and make the bride the talk of the town on just how pretty she was on that particular day.

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    Wedding Destination

    Top Tips For Destination Weddings In Hot Countries

    If you’ve decided to host your wedding abroad, there are many exciting benefits you’ll get to enjoy. This is an ideal solution for almost any type of wedding ceremony, whether it’s a traditional or modern one from any kind of religious background.

    Most people do choose to travel to a hot country for their destination wedding, as it make the whole celebration into a more of a holiday with friends and family. Especially for people living in the UK, the hot weather is an enjoyable novelty and something that adds a special extra reason to remember the wedding.

    However, you will want to bear in mind some specific advice for weddings in hotter climates than you’re used to. Here are some of our most relevant tips.

    Have plenty of refreshments

    Everyone needs to stay hydrated throughout the proceedings! When you’re celebrating, it’s great to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks, and the wedding guests will certainly appreciate ice-cold cocktails being served at every opportunity. However, water is always important too and you might not realise at first how much more you need than usual in a hot climate.

    Remember your sun cream

    The last thing you need is to get sunburnt right before your big day, or on the day itself, and the same really goes for all of your guests too. Many people may be vulnerable to strong sun if their skin isn’t used to it, so always be safe.

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    Major Asian Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

    During your wedding, you need to ensure that photos are taken well. Photographs are very important in any wedding because they help remind you about your big day in the future. So it is crucial to ensure that you get high quality wedding photographs that will act as a memory of your wedding. To ensure that you have a highly successful wedding photography there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid during the process. This article offers you some of the Asian wedding photography mistakes you need to avoid in order to make your wedding a memorable one.

    Hiring inexperienced photographers

    One of the greatest mistakes that you can make is to work with inexperienced photographers. With inexperienced wedding photographers it means that you will get low quality photographs that will not capture some of the most important episodes in your wedding. In addition, it also means that they might not be able to use some of the most current and advanced photography equipment. Therefore, you end up getting disappointed at the end of your wedding. To avoid this mistake it is good that you ensure that you check the qualifications and experience the different photographers have before you can enter into any agreement with them. In addition, you must check the wedding photographs they have taken before to ensure that they meet your required standards. From experience, we highly recommend the services of one of the most renowned Asian wedding photographers in London. They also provide Indian, Hindu, and Sikh wedding cinematography, pre wedding shoots, portrait photography, and a host of other services. You can visit their website for more details.

    Lack of good exposure

    One of the most important aspects in any wedding is the white dress of the bride. A good photographer should be able to expose the bride’s dress in the most effective way so that it appears real. It is a great mistake to underexpose the dress because it makes it look grey and grubby. This will make your wedding photos look dull and unattractive. Good wedding photography should make use of exposure that produces images that are detailed throughout the tonal range. This is why you need photographers with digital cameras because it is possible to check the exposure immediately after a shot has been taken and make the right adjustment.

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    Wedding Trends in 2022

    For the past two years since the pandemic, there have been many changes with weddings. As we reach 2022, we’re looking forward to getting back to the norm. Some couples have had to postpone their wedding during the past year. With this new year coming, it might be the perfect time to plan ahead and finally have the wedding you’ve been waiting for. 

    Wedding trends are constantly changing every year, and we’ve gathered a list of trends that we’re likely to see in 2022. If you’re looking for some inspiration next year for your wedding, below are some ideas. 

    Outdoor Weddings

    As many of us had to stay in for quite some time, it’s fair to say that outdoor weddings will be a popular trend this coming year. This type of wedding is perfect during summertime, and there are many types of outdoor weddings you can opt-in for. Some examples include a classic garden wedding or, better yet, a beach wedding. For something different, a rooftop wedding is another great outdoor venue

    Vintage Weddings

    Vintages weddings never really go out of style. We’re likely to see more of this type of wedding this coming year. It’s timeless, and more and more couples are having a vintage-inspired theme wedding. You can go all out and have your guests wearing something from the olden days, whether that’s in the 70s or 80s. When choosing a venue, you may want to look for something historical and related to the kind of vintage theme you’re after. 

    Simple and Small Weddings

    Weddings don’t always have to be big and grand. Having a small and simple wedding will always be on-trend as there are couples who prefer this type of wedding. This kind of wedding is more intimate, and only close relatives or friends usually are invited. You may want to opt for this wedding if you prefer only to have your close ones around or if you prefer a simpler wedding. 

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    General Content: Wedding trends Prediction in 2022

    After weathering through a tough year of lockdown restrictions during the pandemic, many wedding plans were disrupted, postponed and cancelled. Still, with the recent lockdown easing during July 19, engaged couples are looking forward to 2022 with renewed hope and excitement.

    With many couples planning to reschedule their wedding plans and finally tie the knot in 2021 and onwards, there will undoubtedly be a big surge of new trends and significant changes to wedding trends in 2022. There will undoubtedly be a few trends to stay and a couple of trends that will become obsolete. To help you get a head start on your wedding plans, here are our wedding trends predictions in 2022.

    Unconventional Wedding Entertainment

    The pandemic has inevitably affected how wedding receptions were held, and many couples did not let it put a damper on their spirit. Many wedding planners found ways to rework their entertainment plans with a bit of creativity and ingenuity to make it both safe and unforgettable. From outdoor drive-in movie settings, car park weddings, and other wacky yet covid safe ideas, there are many ways to host a unique wedding experience.

    Backyard Weddings

    Backyard weddings were a big trend in the wedding planning industry, and we expect the movement to grow in popularity in 2022 and onwards. Not only does backyard wedding venues provide both comfort and safety, but it’s also intimate and cost-friendly. With the encouragement of smaller weddings, many wedding planning businesses offer services to transform your home into a venue worthy of a wedding.

    Holiday Destination Weddings

    With so many engaged couples having to reschedule or postpone their wedding amidst the lockdown, many will want to go all out with their wedding plans and host a special celebration when it’s finally safe to travel again.

    With the world slowly re-opening for tourism, and a few countries allowing vaccinated passports, many couples will want to embrace their wedding to the fullest. Some airline companies and the wedding planning industries are already offering pre-booked holiday packages in advance.

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    COVID Rules for Weddings in the UK

    The previous national lockdowns and the effects of the pandemic have taken a toll on wedding events in the UK. With constant changes to rules and restrictions, many wedding days were disrupted or delayed for the past few months to avoid the spread of COVID amongst large group gatherings.

    With the removal of most lockdown restrictions from July 19 onwards, many couples and wedding planners are delighted with the removal of the attendee limitations. However, many social distancing rules remain as we take a closer step towards the new norm.

    Additionally, there are a few differences in rules and regulations between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Here’s everything that you need to know about the current covid rules for weddings in the UK.


    In England, couples planning their weddings will be happy to hear that there are no caps or limits on the number of people invited to attend any wedding events, receptions, or celebrations. This means that table service rules are lifted, and all guests are allowed to dance, sing and mingle without wearing a face mask. However, the government highly recommends that people wear their face masks in crowded settings.

    • Guest instructed by NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate can’t attend the wedding and must self isolate
    • Indoor venues are encouraged to let as much fresh air in to keep enclosed spaces well ventilated.
    • Face masks are not required, but attendees should wear them if they’re commuting to the venue using public transportation.


    Scotland has further eased their wedding restriction, but not to the same extent as England’s lockdown. The guest limit has increased to 200 people, but wearing a mask is still mandatory for all guests. Further lifting from the Scottish government is confirmed to take place on August 9.

    • Social distancing measure is required at one metre apart inside wedding venues.
    • In outdoor areas, large groups of up to 15 people do not need to physically distance, but large groups will need to be one metre apart from other groups.
    • A group of 15 people max can sing and dance together.

    Northern Ireland and Wales

    Northern Ireland and Wales did not make any rule changes on July 19, but wedding events and receptions are given the green light as long as the guests practice social distancing measures within the venue.

    Northern Ireland

    • Live music and DJ are allowed as long as the noise levels remain at an ambient level.
    • Face masks are mandatory when leaving the table or when using toilet facilities.
    • Dancing is not permitted, except for the couple’s first dance.
    • Wedding events can occur in any approved venue on a risk-assessed basis, and the venue capacity determines the guest limit.


    • Wales No dancing or singing is permitted except for the couple’s first dance.
    • Wedding speeches are allowed, but sharing and passing microphones should be avoided.
    • Wedding photos can be taken outdoors, and group shots are only permitted when taken with their extended household bubbles.
    • Wedding events can take place in any approved venue, and the venue capacity determines the guest limit.
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    Your Wedding Invitation Questions Answered

    Planning your wedding involves preparing all sorts of things like your wedding cake, dress, jewellery, flowers, venue, and so on. The list is never-ending! Then there comes a time where everything is all set, and the last part is finally inviting your guests over to your wedding day.

    When it comes to planning your wedding invitations, you’ll find there’s a whole new etiquette that you still have yet to learn. To help you out, we’ve listed and answered questions that may cross your mind when planning your wedding invitation.

    How much do wedding invitations cost?

    You may be wondering how much a wedding invitation will cost. It all depends on a few factors. For instance, the quantity will affect your overall cost. Couples who have many guests can benefit from discounts when ordering in large numbers.

    Another factor to consider is the type and design which will vary in price. Different types of wedding invitation include DIY design, shelf designs or bespoke designs. For couples on a budget, a DIY route is something to consider. However, shelf designs and bespoke designs are just as affordable.

    If you’re looking for a personalised invitation,  there are a range of wedding invitation and stationery companies at affordable prices starting from as little as £1 per piece. They can help create your ideal wedding invitation to match your wedding theme. They have various themes available, including vintage, floral, nature, beach, rustic and many more.

    In the end, it all comes down to your preference. Your choices will determine the final cost. Bear in mind that most couples in the UK normally spend around £200 up to £1000 on wedding stationeries.

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    The best venues for Asian wedding photography in Birmingham

    When you are planning your dream wedding day, your mind can wander through various aspects. The best dress, the guest list, the flowers and so on.

    But, one extremely important aspect that you may not have thought about is your wedding photography and videography.

    It is so important to make sure that you have hired a highly trained and experienced photographer, who can capture the beautiful moments of your wedding – most importantly when you look back on your special day, you will be able to enjoy the experience all over again with high-quality imagery.

    Asian wedding photography is renowned for being visually stunning, and by choosing the right venue, your photographer can stage beautiful images with a truly artistic aesthetic.

    Some of our favourite venues for weddings are located in and around Birmingham, so we decided to compile this list to inspire you on your big day.

    The Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

    Birmingham Botanical Gardens

    Offering their “Love Birds” wedding packages, the Botanical Gardens is the place to get married and express everlasting love. With a charming veranda and conservatory, situated with tranquil surroundings such as their charismatic aviary, beautiful garden features and unique garden suite – your photographer will have the opportunity to create a magical and timeless portfolio of imagery for you to enjoy forever.

    Location: Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 3TR.

    Aston Hall 

    Aston Hall

    Close to the Birmingham city centre, you will find a hidden gem called Aston Hall. This historic and iconic building will provide your wedding with overwhelming charm and sophistication. With access to the breath-taking lady Holte’s garden and north courtyard – Aston Hall will provide your wedding with a grand overture of elegance and unforgettable experience.

    Your professional photographer will be able to utilise special features such as the historic and luxurious oak panelling, handsome fireplaces and exquisite artwork along the great hall to truly bring charismatic charm and alluring sophistication to your day.

    Location: Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6JD

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    Factors to consider when planning an outdoor wedding

    An outdoor wedding is popular amongst newlyweds. Some of the perks of having your wedding outdoor include fresh air, lovely sceneries and a massive open space for guests.  If you’re thinking of getting married outdoors in a beach, a park or in any outdoor setting, there are a few things to bear in mind.

    Portable toilets

    One of the basics you’ll need for an outdoor wedding is portable toilets. Depending on the number of guests, you may want to hire out a few of these, especially if you have quite a large group of visitors. Don’t forget to hire out accessible toilets too!

    indoor wedding

    Indoor space

    The weather can change anytime. It could start raining, or they may be strong winds during the day. In case of any changes in the weather, you’ll need to consider having an indoor space nearby for shelter. Indoor space may also be necessary for guests with special requirements.